About Us

Yorla – Redefining University Placement Model Across the World! 

Yorla is the brand-new concept of university placement, facilitating thousands of Master, Bachelor and Ph.D. students to pursue their higher studies successfully and smoothly, aside from bringing exclusive partnership opportunities for the academic institutions and businesses worldwide. We are a Sweden based, globally recognized and registeredentity for specialized university placement programs, producing top qualified and talented graduates placed by us at leading UK, USA and Swedish Universities for higher studies and professional training. 

The Best University Placement Opportunities & Programs in UK, USA & Sweden 

Using their vast experience and knowledge, the experts at Yorla provide students with professional advice, information and guidance to help them secure a place at UK, USA and Swedish Universities. Our customer base includes thousands of international students whom we offer the latest educational opportunities, university placement programs, English language courses, housing arrangements and other related assistance. Equipping the students with thoughtful consultancy, skills required to study abroad and supporting them to engage with their desired institutions and courses, lets us reinforce our role in the global education. 

We Are Leveraged Upon Strong Partnerships 

Yorla has built strong strategic partnership with several USA & UKuniversities to dig out the best opportunities both for the students and academic entities. Being an exclusive partner of a USA university, we are setting up schools in the Middle East and North Africa where students are taught University level English level courses with the same syllabus and curriculum as taught at the main campus in the USA. 

Our partner universities are successfully establishing their footprints in the lucrative region of Middle East and globalizing their brand’s name by finding the best partners to work with. 

Yorla – The Highlighting Features 

  • Partnership with the most reputed UK, USA and Swedish universities
  • Partnership with the top-tier English language schools across these regions
  • Yorla ensures university admissions with least hassles and within shorter span of time
  • Our academic consultation is 100% FREE
  • We accommodate students’ traveling and housing needs.
  • The most competitive services fees across the industry

This is How Yorla Helps! 

Yorla, based on its mission to facilitate students via judicious and caring services to study abroad and achieve their professional goals, has successfully changed thousands of lives. We have placed countless number of students in a number of USA and UK universities and our caring services are trusted by students and their parents. 

With 96% success rate in university placements, Yorla has become a trustedname for the foreign students to get assistance to secure their admissions in their desired college/university. Thanks to our professional and experience staff, who has proactively served the students for their foreign academic placements needs and helped them complete their applications smoothly, from course selection to institution choice to visa guidance. Yorla serves as a bridge between the students and our global partner universities and institutions, letting them collaborate for a better future. 

Providing exceptional advice and competitively-priced services to the students, ensuring a friendly, enriching and vibrant learning environment, and equipping students with the information about the latest admission policies and criteria at international universities, Yorla is privileged to effectively mentor the academic route for the students across the world.

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Email : info@yorla.org

Tel : 0046766920569

Twitter : @LtdYorla