Yorla is a fast growing, World class agency with top qualified and highly experienced graduates from top UK,US and Swedish universities that have gone through proper training .

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Yorla Services AB

Who Is : Yorla ?

Yorla is a fast growing, world class Agency with top qualified and highly experienced graduates from top UK,US and Swedish universities that have gone through proper training .

Our Vision

As earlier stated Yorla is a fast growing world Business with the vision to become a global force in the field of Education with its revolutionary and dynamic ideas. Yorla is all about delivering the best and innovation at its peak, At Yorla,we are revolutionaries with a cause.

Our Mission

Like every company,yorla has its missions,only this type it's better and some of them are : 

Service : At yorla,our priority is to serve our clients the best Educational services putting their wants,needs and demands in view. At yorla,the customer is always right and always satisfied. At yorla,we serve all our clients worldwide and are readily available for all kinds of Edu projects. 
Perfection and uniqueness : Another mission of yorla is not only to provide our clients with the best available tech services there are but also to bring to you projects that are revolutionary and unique. 
At yorla our vision and mission are on track to not only best the competition but to bring you satisfaction at its peak.


General Information

We offer a University Placement Service to all students wanting to study at University in the UK or USA. An experienced and dedicated member of YORLA staff will help you with your application. Your advisor will give advice about interview techniques and give you an insight into the whole process. The end goal is, simply, to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. 
This will give you the best chance for acceptance and entry to the university of your choice. 
YORLA is in partnership with a number of USA and UK universities. We provide a university foundation course that guarantees you a place at one of our partner universities. Given that you meet the criteria and successfully complete the University Preparation Course. 
Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure your smooth progression to university. Thereby, equipping you with the understanding and knowledge you need to further your studies. 
*Subject to entry requirements, interview performance, attendance and qualifications. 

Included Services

Students that enrol in our University Preparation Course will receive assistance with their university application process. When students choose their course and university, their advisor can help design a plan to make the process easier. Additionally, our advisors will be able to counsel students on the best path to follow. 
We know it is important to have as much information as possible. As a result, we ensure that we keep up-to-date with the latest university requirements and changes to national enrolments. Similarly, we can arrange university visits for individuals and entry into university exhibitions. 
Using Our vast knowledge and experience, expert counsellors will provide you with professional information, advice and guidance to help you secure a place at a university. The counsellors have links with many universities located all around the USA and UK and will suggest the best university course for you depending on your abilities, requirements and personal goals. As well as helping you to choose a university, they will also support you through every step of the application process.


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Email : info@yorla.org

Twitter : @LtdYorla